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Front cover art: Detail of M. Dobuzhinsky’s Summer Garden in Winter. 1922. Autolithograph on white paper. Hand-signed and numbered 1/5. This lithograph is from M. Dobuzhinsky’s Petersburg in 1921, published in 1923 in an edition of 1,000 on gray and pink paper. This page is taken from the dedication copy of Vsevolod Dobuzhinksy, son of the artist, which is the only known complete copy of the book on white paper.

Philosophies of Poetry”

398 pages including:

Joe Green
John Kinsella
George Bilgere
Gregory O’Brien
Charles Bernstein
W. N. Herbert
Henry Gould
Michael Hulse
Michael Palmer
Lev Rubinstein (trans. by Philip Metres and Tatiana Tulchinsky)
Michael Farrell
Patrick Herron
William Corbett
Paul Hardacre
John Hennessy
David Baratier
David Bircumshaw
Melanie Challenger
Douglas Clark
Lisa Cooper
Mark DuCharme
George Ellenbogen
Sergey Gandlevsky (trans. by Philip Metres)
Ranjit Hoskote
Jill Jones
Yunte Huang
Billy Collins
Christina Daub
S. K. Kelen
Russell Keziere
Christopher McDermott
Jennifer Barber
Martin Bennett
Elizabeth Murawski
Rich Murphy
Mark Lamoureux
W. B. Keckler
John Latta
John Koethe
Alan Loney
Michael Radich
James E. Cherry
Andrew McCord
Vivek Narayanan
Fan Ogilvie
Ethan Paquin
Steve Shoemaker
Louis Simpson
Jeet Thayil
Alexei Tsvetkov (trans. by Philip Nikolayev)
John Tranter
Ben Mazer

Marjorie Perloff, Charles Bernstein: A Conversation

John Kinsella: Why I Am a Pacifist
Michael Palmer: Poetic Obligations: Talking about Nothing at Temple
Hugh Bredin: Irony and Paradox as Paradigms of Literary Discourse
Michael B. Prince: Heidegger’s Turn to Poetry and the Paradox of Overcoming
Sergey Gandlevsky: Critical Sentimentalism (trans. by Philip Metres)
John Kinsella: A Loss of Poetics
Joe Green: My Mother the Critic
Mark Weiss: A Provisional Poetics
John Koethe: Styles of Temptation and Refusal in Wittgenstein and Stevens
Michael Radich: Li Bai, the Moon, and Poetry
Mikhail Iampolski: Symbol and Origin in Komar and Melamid’s Symbols of the Big Ban
Francis Raven: The Poetic Turn
Alexei Tsvetkov: Pushkin’s Orphans
Ben Mazer: Hearing the Mermaids: An Unremarked Source for T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land
Elisabeth Cavazza: Introduction [to James Thomson’s The City of Dreadful Night] (1892)

Billy Collins interviewed by Christina Daub
Joseph Brodsky interviewed by M. Hammer and Christina Daub

Michael Kovner: Mstislav Dobuzhinsky: A Biographical Summary
Drawings by Mstislav Dobuzhinsky


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