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literary journal
published annually
by Fulcrum Poetry
Press, Inc., a
registered non-
profit 501(c)(3)

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Front cover: One photo in a panorama of 5 photos, from a series by Esther Pullman.


544 pages including:

Stephen Sturgeon
Ben Mazer
Jeet Thayil
Vivek Narayanan
Glyn Maxwell
Joe Green
George Green
Landis Everson
Dan Sofaer
Billy Collins
Elisabeth Murawski
John Tranter
Andrea Zanzotto (trans. by Glenn Mott and Barbara J. Godorecci)
Glenn Mott
Don Share
Seán Ó Ríordáin (trans. by Greg Delanty)
Greg Delanty
Roger Craik
David Blair
Paul Bray
Michael Palmer
Kit Robinson
Anny Ballardini
Brian Henry
Benjamin Paloff
Pam Brown
David Lehman
Charles Baudelaire, Guillaume Apollinaire, Carlos Drummond (trans. with a note by Charles Bernstein)
Arthur Rimbaud (trans. by X. J. Kennedy)
John Crowe Ransom
Joe Green
Kelly Holt
Andy Roberts
Robert Cooperman
Alex To
S. S. Prasad
Seema Amin
Barbara Matteau
Raymond Barfield
Fiona Sampson
Arlene Eager
Fan Ogilvie
Richard Fein
Jim Tolan
Stuart Jay Silverman
Diane Lockward
Joyelle McSweeney
Barry Spacks
Julie Hanson
E. G. Burrows
Justin Marks
Gerard Malanga
Jason Zuzga
Alexei Tsvetkov
James Norcliffe
Brad Buchanan
Christopher Thomas
Jene Beardsley
Diana Fox
William Doreski
Robert Arthur Reeves
Jan Ball
David Lumsden
J. Morris
Daniel Coudriet
Ronald F. Smits
T. P. Perrin
Ellen Wehle
David Gewanter
George Bilgere

Andrea Zanzotto Interview by Glenn Mott with Francesco Carbognin

Poets and Philosophers
Eliot Weinberger: Empedocles and Valmiki
Peter H. Hare: Misunderstandings between Poet and Philosopher: Wallace Stevens and Paul Weiss
Simon Critchley: Surfaciality: Some poems by Fernando Pessoa, one by Wallace Stevens, and the brief sketch of a poetic ontology
Marjorie Perloff: “The Renaissance of 1910”: Reflections on Guy Davenport’s Poetics
Andrew Epstein: Crisis, Possibility, and Pragmatism: Frank O’Hara’s Early Journal and William James
John Hennessy: Love, Solitude, Solipsism
Lisa Goldfarb: “A Distinct Flame”: Philosophy and Music in Paul Valéry’s Poetics
Sam Truitt: This Is Poetry: Phenomenal
Pierre Joris: Toward a Performance of Cruelty
Elaine Brown: This is Not How an Essay Starts
Paul Stephens: The Poet-Critic vs. the Poeticritic: Toward a Metapoetics of Innovative American Writing
Renée Ashley: Ut Pictura Poesis: The Painting in the Poem, or, Simple Perspective for Poets
Paul E. Nelson: Dualism and Olson’s Antidote
Paul E. Nelson: Organic Poetry: Organismic, Holisitic, Exploratory
Raymond Barfield: Poetic Openings: What Poetry Taught Plato about Philosophy
Andrew D. Weiner: The Conventions of Love, the Conventions of Poetry, and the Love Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt

Poetry and Harvard in the 1920s
Edited by Ben Mazer

Ben Mazer: Cambridge in the Twenties: Notes on Some Forgotten Texts
John Brooks Wheelwright (as Dorian Abbott): Preface
John Brooks Wheelwright (as Platipod): Preface
John Brooks Wheelwright
John Brooks Wheelwright (as George Washington Terry)
Malcolm Cowley (as Maximilian Keezer)
R. P. Blackmur
H. Davenport
Dudley Fitts

Esther Pullman: An Enveloping Space: Five Photographs
A Rare Photo of Paul Valéry (1938)
Six Drawings by e. e. cummings


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