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Agenda is one of the best known and most highly respected poetry journals in the world, having been founded in 1959 by Ezra Pound and William Cookson.

Big Bridge, a vibrant online poetry journal and book publisher.

The Fulcrum Facebook Network brings together readers and writers. Active groups are welcoming members in London, Harvard Square, New York City, Boston, Texas, New Zealand, San Francisco, Cork, Chicago, Ireland, Africa, Princeton, Yorkshire, Nottingham, Birmingham, Los Angeles, Australia, Wales, Carrboro, Nigeria, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, India, Oxford University, Dublin, Italy, Seattle, Cambridge University, Toronto, Belfast, Kessel-Lo, MIT, Minnesota, Singapore, South Africa, Ohio, Paris, Brown University, Kenya, Bombay, Northeastern University, Calcutta, Madras, Canada, Michigan, Montreal, Bangalore, Quebec, Naropa, Lowell, Emerson College, Wellesley College, Somerville, Columbia University, The New School, Providence, Boston University, Galway, Vancouver, Massachusetts, and Cornell University. There are groups as well for those who appreciate poetry in Russian, in Persian, in Dutch, in Spanish, in Turkish, in Greek, and in French.

The Critical Flame, book reviews and literary essays.

The Charles River Journal, published twice a year with new writing and literary news.

Samuel Gareginyan, originally from Armenia and now living in Boston, is one of the greatest painters of our times. He has perfected the finest nuances of Renaissance technique and of other artistic styles, yet his work is thoroughly modern and unmistakable.

Harvard Review, a perfect-bound journal of over 200 pages, is published semi-annually for the purpose of fostering the work of new writers, providing a forum for criticism of new literary works, and presenting the finest poetry and short fiction being written.

Fulcrum now has a satellite page on MySpace.

Jacket magazine was founded by John Tranter in 1997 to showcase lively contemporary poetry and prose. [Read praise for Jacket]

Katia Kapovich, poet and Fulcrum editor.

The Kenyon Review, founded in 1939 by poet-critic John Crowe Ransom, has since then continued to publish the writing of exceptional emerging talents alongside the work of many distinguished, established writers.

The Pen & Anvil Press, founded by Fulcrum contributors Zachary Bos and Nora Delaney.

Philip Nikolayev, poet and Fulcrum editor.

PN Review is published quarterly by the Department of English at the University of Glasgow. Each issue includes an editorial, letters, news and notes, articles, interviews, features, poems, translations, and a substantial book review section.

Poetry Review, published by the London-based Poetry Society, is Britain’s leading poetry magazine, providing a forum for poems from both new and established poets. http://www.wolfmagazine.co.uk

The Wolf, founded in April 2002 by James Byrne & Nicholas Cobic, publishes emerging new poets alongside more established writers, three times a year.


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