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The prince of online poetry magazines is Jacket, run from Australia by the poet John Tranter. It has never been a print journal. The design is beautiful, the contents awesomely voluminous, the slant international modernist and experimental.
—Peter Forbes, “Working the Web: Poetry”
The Guardian (UK), Thursday June 6, 2002

As a contributor, I’ve simply never had as much response to anything I’ve published elsewhere (including pieces in large-circulation magazines such as The Nation or Village Voice): besides letters and e-mails from strangers and comments on other websites, everyone I run into seems to have read it.

—Eliot Weinberger in Sulfur magazine

[T]he most influential online zine for American poetry is published by John Tranter in Australia. [] Where most other online zines have to start from scratch getting a readership for each & every issue, Jacket gives its readers a reason for checking in with great regularity—there’s almost always something new. This I suspect makes it not only the most well-edited poetry journal online, but the most widely perused as well.

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